Our Wines      

Deep Roots Red a California Zinfandel with a hint of pepper, cinnamon and smoke
wrapped in the dynamic flavor of ripe blackberries

Park Place Duet Pinot Noir  Ruby-hued, low tannin, lightly oaked.
With just a touch of rosemary over its black cherry notes.

Redhawk Reserve Merlot   Just out of oak barrels, full-bodied, robust with red berry flavors, and a toasty finish. Already velvety, this wine will only get softer with the years.

Milton Temperance Cellars - Volstead Red California Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah blend
The 71% Cabernet Sauvignon gives this wine its ripe red cherry characteristic right up front. The 29% Syrah comes welling up from underneath with a rich layer of cedar and a distinct caramel note from the oak. This wine is exuberant in its youth, and age-worthy in its structure.

American Syrah The most earthy or our dry reds, full bodied, with complex coffee, tobacco, clove, pepper, leather, oak and sandalwood notes. There's a lot going on in here!


John Alexander Warehouse White   an Alsatian style California Gewurztraminer - fermented dry -
channeling tropical pineapple and a granite palate - or was that lime mortar! 

Holds up very nicely to strong or spicy foods.

 Milton Temperance Cellars - Savage White California Sauvignon Blanc   
Our Sauvignon Blanc is lush with citrus and mango and finishes crisply with barely a hint of sweetness.
This wine whispers "summer garden party".  

California Chardonnay  This wine has been oak treated, giving it luscious buttery vanilla oak notes.



Sunnyview Orchard Blush This wine has the softest blush
with the unmistakable scent and taste of fresh peaches.


Park Place Duet Pinot Grigio O
ur Grigio has a light sweetness, apple notes and a delicate floral essence.

Semi sweet Gewurztraminer Made German-style, this semisweet white has pineapple notes and spicey finish.

Redhawk Reserve Riesling Peach and apricot to start, pear on the finish.
Soft on the tongue, this Riesling is a fan favorite.

Town Square Series Muscat Delicate floral scent and stone fruit notes atypically semi-sweet.

Liquid Happiness!  Blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Muscato with 10% residual sugar.


Bright Spirits Wisconsin Cranberry Grape Wine A holiday classic and taste sensation! True to the fruit, from its sweet start to its tart finish, this wine excites every tastebud in your mouth!


Clear Lake Road Red  You’ll think you’re in the vineyard picking fragrant sweet grapes right off the vine!



Rare Blend  - Green Apple Riesling - Light and refreshing,
this is a Riesling and white grape base with natural green apple added.

Old World Pomegranate  A Zinfandel and white grape base, flavored with natural Pomegranate.
A sweeter wine, but not too sweet, with a bold Pomegranate flavor.


Paradise Red  A Pinot Noir and white grape base,
flavored with natural Raspberry for a sweet summer treat! .



Five Vine Reserve - Our red dessert wine, made with Merlot and fortified with brandy
for a smooth, sweet after dinner treat.

Chocolate Cherry Bliss - fortified dessert wine
with the irresistable combination of cherries and chocolate!



Named Roundabout Red for multiple reasons…  besides bearing some images of our beloved Exit 8 roundabouts, this Malbec came to us roundabout-ly from Chile via a Canadian supplier.
Notes of ripe plum and black currant followed by toasted marshmallow from American oak treatment.


County Road Red  Made from Rock County grapes, a fresh and fruity red,  with a lighter color,  a floral fragrance, and a more delicate Concord flavor.

Warming Stone Wine   Chardonnay and strawberries fermented together.
Will warm you with higher alcohol and the taste of strawberries on a cold winter night!

Items based on availability. Menu subject to change without notice.

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